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Client Care


  • They are between the ages of 18-64

  • They do not have or qualify for Medicaid/Medicare

  • They are 200% below the Federal Poverty Line based on Household income

  • They are not full-time University of Wyoming Student

  • They are residents of Albany County, Wyoming, or experiencing homelessness

  • They are not a U.S. Veteran


Client Process:

  • Eligible? Establish with Us!  Call us to schedule an eligibility appointment today!
  • Step 1: Eligibility appointments (1 hour- Social and Medical History)
  • Step 2: Schedule and establish with Primary Care Provider (30min-1 hour)
  • Step 3: Schedule & Receive additional services as needed (Referrals or in-house services)
  • Step 4: Make sure to follow up and keep in touch!NOTE: Financial eligibility is required every 6 months for all clients

         Clients shall be considered a client of the DTC and NOT a client of the individual providers at the DTC.


Services available to you as a DTC client are:

  • Primary medical care for non-emergencies
  • Laboratory services and diagnostic testing
  • Limited pharmacy with refills available during designated clinic hours
  • Limited mental health services, including counseling
  • Referral (healthcare specialists, mental health, vision, emergency dental)
  • Assistance with applications for community services or other community resources
  • Health Education
  • Limited on-site specialty services
  • On-site Spanish interpreting service

Services NOT available at the DTC include:

  • Emergency care – you will be referred to the hospital emergency room
  • Prescription refills outside of DTC hours
  • Cosmetic Care services
  • Routine gynecological or obstetric care
  • Routine family planning or birth control needs
  • Pediatric care (birth – age 18)
  • Elder care (65 and over) unless client DOES NOT qualify for Medicare